Print Services

Our 3,000 sq. ft production facility at Wesbrook Mall and 16th Ave is equipped with high speed state of the art technology to meet the demands of UBC. Our professional print production team would be more than happy to assist you with paper selection, file creation and finishing options.
We offer exceptional service at economical rates and we deliver.
From business cards to banners, we're here to help.

  • Web job submission
  • High speed Digital B&W printing
  • High speed Digital Colour printing
  • PMS colour matching capabilities
  • Large format full-colour poster printing
  • On-site mounting and laminating services
  • Full range of bindery services including binding, hole punching, booklet making, padding and shrink-wrapping
  • Wide variety of print substrates from business papers to card stock

Your print submission can be sent via our web ordering portal.


Secure Printing

Confidential and secure printing is our core business. All sensitive documents, including student exams, are handled with extreme care in our secure facility. Documents that require temporary on-site storage are kept in a locked room. Access to these materials requires two Xerox employees to enter with separate keys. When complete, these materials are shipped in boxes sealed with Confidential Tape. Any attempt at tampering will be immediately visible.